"Lucky Enough" is the title track from our 2018 release.  

"It takes a lot of hard work to get this lucky,

swimming upstream in the deep, dark muddy

but if you've got a place to sleep something to eat, and someone to love

then you're lucky enough" 

"If you don't have a copy of Heart Songs, Night Life or either version of the Essential Ray Price, you're better off with the Rizdales' tribute album...4/5 stars" -  John Conquest, Third Coast Music


"Mainstream Nashville country has likely never been as mind-numbingly banal as now. That is why we desperately need records like this one..." - Exclaim Magazine


"I’ve been a big fan of all the Rizdales’ albums, but man oh man, this new one is so good..." - London Yodeller


"This is tough country music, with a great big heart, respect for tradition and a huge dollop of whiskey and irreverence.  And none of the crap posturing that so many half-hearted attempts at this style usually come with." - Americana-UK, Liverpool England


"The Rizdales have always been a favourite of mine, since they first time they came to Austin and sat in with me and my band at Ginny's Little Longhorn.  I know they'll become a favourite of yours too!" - Dale Watson