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"Makes me want to put on a cheap suit and spend my whole paycheck" 


Tara and Tom Dunphy of the Rizdales are a happily married couple, really they are, but you'd never know it from the heartbreaking stories of addiction, infidelity, loss, and longing they've penned over the last twenty years.

Formed in London,Ontario in 2003, the Rizdales have been performing their highly infectious brand of country music to enthusiastic crowds from Ottawa to Austin and everywhere in between.



Their songs are 100% pure honky tonk, drawing on their love for the classic country legends like Ray Price, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. Where the Rizdales' passion for real country music comes from is clear but the real question remains: how is it that these musical snapshots of relationships gone bad can make us feel so damn good?

If you haven't heard The Rizdales, imagine that you walked into a tavern only to find Elvis Costello and Patsy Cline fronting the Buckaroos with Nick Lowe at the board. As vocalists go, Tom and Tara’s voices couldn’t be any less alike, each one unique and conveying such brutal honesty, as though they've lived each and every line of the sad songs they sing. Together, their voices meld to create the beautiful and distinct harmonies that truly define the Rizdales sound.

Rounding out the Rizdales lineup is the Incredible Blair Heddle on guitar, the Wild man Oscar Porchee Macedo on bass and the one and only Steven Crew on drums. 


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